Friday, February 18, 2011

MICE!!!!! Good or Bad

Normally I hate mice in my house.  They make me yelp and jump and go running for my husband to get rid of them.  One time I was in the basement doing the laundry and there on the floor in front of my stackable was a dead mouse.  I ran up the stairs and demanded that my husband get it.  My hero went down the stairs and came up snickering.  What?  My mouse was no mouse, it was lint.  Aughhhh!!!!!  So occassionally I get a little jab about my lint mouse.  Again, I do not like mice, but these ones who consumed my life for a day and a half, I liked.

  A lovely lady in Texas ordered these for her Kindermusic class.  Thanks!  It also gave me the opportunity to revamp my old, ugly mouse (who was more like a rat), into this cute little mouse.
Isn't this one much cuter?  I guess if you are into rats the other would do.  But I prefer cute!

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