Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Itty Bitty Crafty Thing #2 - Kitchen Towels

Well, I was busy over the weekend with some kitchen projects and not puppets.  Nothing amazing but necessary.  Last week my son and I went to our local thrift store and poked around, we like doing that once or twice a month.  He is thrilled with the old phones, coffee pots, toys, and balls.  We look for videos and books, and once in a while find a piece of clothing for him.  This week I found 4 very nice kitchen towels, that looked almost new for .39 a piece.  They were that nice woven Indian cotton.  I brought them home and they sat for a while.  I could use them as is, cut them in half and make napkins (which I need), or sew a topper thing onto it with a button to make one of those cute hanging towel things.  Love my description?  So they sat for a few days and then I got inspired.  I sewed the ends of two towels together so I could drape it over the rod.  I love having a generous towel hanging next to the sink.  I did pin it in the middle with a diaper pin to hold it in place.  Love it.
 Why these pictures turn sideways I do not know.  Can anyone help?

I also got inspired to take a table cloth that I got from the thrift store for $1.49 and cut it into 16 napkins and sat for about an hour sewing around the edges.  I love my new napkins, my old ones are too bad to even be rags. 
Lastly I got inspired to take two smaller hand towels, sew them together and create this sort of whimsical hand towel for Valentines Day.  I love it and won't feel bad when it gets trashed.  So for about $3 and a little change I got 16 "new napkins, 2 double length dish towels, and a creative Valentine hand towel.  Not too bad.  Now that is frugal.

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