Thursday, February 3, 2011

Itty Bitty Crafty Thing #3 - Crystally Painted Hearts

I found this idea in our favorite magazine: Family Fun. 
Simply use
card stock, glue, salt, and food coloring.  

I layed the card stock in a plastic shoe box, I let the little man squeeze glue around and around with my help, sprinkle on salt (or dump it all over like Joshua) and try to shake and knock it around to get into the glue, then with droppers and different colors of diluted food coloring let them drip the colors all over the paper.  Now looking back I would use the little food coloring dropper bottles like I did with the snow in the last post.  It is a bit challenging for a little one to really grasp the concept of a dropper. 
Let this crazy paper dry and knock off the extra salt.  I loved the look of the paper, but what to do with it?  So I cut out a heart, glued it on red paper, punched a hole,  don't forget to let your little one put the string through the hole (Joshua was excited about that), and hung it up. 
Joshua wanted it on the door, but I later moved it to the window.  I love cheery Valentine's Day!

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