Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Itty Bitty Crafty Thing - Valentines Wreath

Here is a cheap and cheerful heart wreath to make at home.  I absolutely love Valentine's Day and wanted something for my door.  I could have went out and purchased something but this was way cheaper and fun to make. 
I made a heart form from a piece of foam insulation, you could make it out of anything stiff enough.  I found out that you need to round off the points.  Then cut strips long enough to wrap around and tie into a knot. 
Push the strips close together as you go.   I am not sure how much fabric is needed.  I actually used an old shirt and scraps of fabric I had.  You can make this as big or as small you like.  You don't need to get fabric from the store, you could use old shirts, sheets, vintage fabric, etc....
Great way to use up old fabric and have something cheap and cheerful for free.
As you can see that the wreath looks different on both sides but is equally cute.  Sorry for the sideways picture, no time to fix it.


  1. I just posted about a rag heart wreath too...great minds think alike? :). Yours turned out super cute. I love all the different fabrics you used and am always amazed at how unique different projects can be.

  2. Hi Sue! I love this project and that you started blogging. With Valentine's Day quickly approaching I think Tabitha and I will make something similar for St. Patrick's Day. I've always wanted something for my door for that holiday!