Monday, January 24, 2011


I was planning on doing a Missions update today, and a grateful item on Tuesday, but I was so thankful and grateful for something this morning. 
Lets set the stage, 2 story home, three bedrooms, 2 vehicles, freezer full of food, cupboards moderately full, telephone, computer, t.v., movies, games, toys everywhere, dressers full to overflowing, washer and dryer, warm house (sort of with zero degrees this morning : ) ), constantly sending stuff to the thrift store, etc....  Simple, ordinary, not extraordinary life - that is my life.  We are far from rich, but have all we need.  Sometimes I whine about this thing or that thing, need new paint here or there, this needs to be cleaned or fixed, etc...  pretty ordinary.   It wasn't until I started reading today about a woman on the other side of the world that I realized that my pretty ordinary life is extraordinary to so many people around the world.  That my non - fancy life is luxury to her.
Lets set the stage again:  Ethiopia, pregnant woman with one child, husband leaves, she's living on the streets, gives birth on the streets, no Social Services or welfare, begs to feed her children.  Hopeless!
Well, not hopeless for ever, Samaritans Purse came in, was able to share with her about the love of Jesus, and was able to give her a trade, making flat bread on street corners.  Now she has money to rent a small apartment, and has a group of people to call friends. 
Wow, her needs are met, she is content.  Puts everything in perspective!    

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