Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring, is it really coming?

Sunday morning we woke up to rain and the sounds of birds - Spring!  I said thank you for the rain because that means spring is coming.  The kids and I ended up staying home from church and did our own Bible lesson.  We talked about the sun, and the light it gives off and how Jesus is the true light.  Then we made suns with all the rays and wrote down a Bible verse.

We were so hopeful for some sun.  But little did we know that indeed we would have sun - that is after
20 inches of snow dumped on us during the night. 

This is our street.  It finally got plowed at about 4am in the morning.  We are free!!!! Yeah!!!!

Well today it is 40 degrees and everything is melting.  Crazy weather, but I guess March should go out like a lamb right?

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